RCAF believes that EVERY CAT deserves a chance! No matter how long of a life they may have to live, we want to give them at least a fighting chance at a humane quality life. We routinely pay our vets as we go, but sometimes we cannot pay our entire bill at the time of service. We have a 100% return policy and always will take care of the cats in our care. We strive to get all our cats into a position were they can be adopted. This often requires vet care in excess of the adoption donation fee that we receive for the animal. (Who wants to pay a $300 adoption donation fee for a new kitty! We would never be able to adopt anyone out that way!) As you know, many of the kitties will never be "adoptable" due to terminal illness or behavioral issues. These kitties became permanent foster kitties of RCAF and stay with us for their entire lives. Please consider sending a monthly donation to support the RCAF kitties or sponsoring a permanent RCAF foster kitty. Even $10 a month will help save a life. Please read some of our stories below:

Cat Stories

CARTWHEEL –Many have you may have met or at least heard of Cartwheel over the past few months. He is a kitty that was abandoned and ignored until, fortunately, two RCAF volunteers were in the right place at the right time. When we found Cartwheel, he was super emaciated, dehydrated (his skin was like that of an elephant) and severely infested with fleas. He came up to us and just wanted attention. I firmly believe that he would have died had we not had found him that day. We took him to our vets immediately, where he stayed for several days under their careful watch on IV fluids. After months of TLC from his vet and foster, a dental (all teeth had to be removed), neuter, multiple blood tests and medications, Cartwheel has gained several pounds and is flourishing as a permanent foster with RCAF! Unfortunately, poor Cartwheel is FIV positive and severely diabetic. He routinely visits his vet due to issues regarding his diabetes. His insulin costs $119 a bottle every 45 days. Cartwheel is the sweetest and happiest guy around! He does not ask for much, just a pet on the head (and sometimes for some extra cat treats! He tries to steal the Bil Jac dog treats every time we visit his vet!). Please support RCAF so we can continue to care for special need animals like Cartwheel! Most rescues would have euthanized him, but with RCAF he received the treatment he deserved and is living a good life!

POUNCIVAL - Is a sweet older kitty that was rescued by RCAF quite a few years ago. Despite his striking good looks, he never was adopted out to a home. :( He has spent his time in a loving, permanent RCAF foster home that has been taking great care of him. Unfortunately, as sometimes older kitties do, he started to develop some eye issues. Pouncival visited our full service vets to treat his issues, but then had to be referred to a specialist who diagnosed him with eosinophillic keratitis (our vets believe that it may have been caused by contracting herpes eye virus when he was out on the street before his rescue). Poor Pouncival had to undergo eye surgery, go to many vet visits and receive medication. Fortunately his surgery and treatments were successful! As you can see by the before and after photos his eyes have healed and he is doing great! We still have to monitor his eyes of course, but our vets believe he will be just fine! Pouncival's surgery, vet visits and medications cost approximately $525. If Pouncival did not receive treatment and have surgery, he would have lost vision in both eyes. :( We believe all the rescue kitties deserve the best care and medical treatment possible. Your support helps us continue to help kitties like Pouncival live a healthy, happy and normal life!

SPIRIT -Many of you have heard about our little mascot Spirit. She has been with us for over 4 and a half years. Spirit was rescued by RCAF as a 7 week old kitten. Thanks to all of you who have sent donations as well as prayers and good thoughts to our Spirit! Our wonderful vet at Avon Lake Animal Clinic was successful in the repair of her hernia. Her liver and gall bladder had actually moved up into her pericardial sac, which made it hard for her to breathe (they were pressing on her heart) and would have ultimately killed her. Thankfully she has recovered peacefully with her permanent foster and is now back to running around like a maniac! We continue to take her in to our vet for monitoring and routine check-ups.

MR. BO JANGLES, BRUTUS AND JAWS - These 3 big boys are RCAF's resident diabetic kitties. Mr. Bo Jangles is a sweet big boy that was rescued early this year as part of a tnr project. He was adopted but returned through no fault of his own in late spring. :( Jaws, as you already know, is our great white FIV positive kitty who was actually rescued from the same place as Mr. Bo Jangles years ago. Brutus is a big handsome FIV positive kitty who was rescued from another tnr project. When we found poor Brutus he had a leg injury which the neighbors had seen for months, but no one bothered to help. :( All three kitties require 2 insulin injections a day. The total cost for insulin and syringes for all three kitties together is approximately $193 per month. This amount does not include vet visits for these guys to make sure everything is ok. (Fortunately, last year, a kind lady was generous enough to donate money to RCAF so that we could purchase a cat glucometer so that we can check their blood sugar at the fosters home most of the time.)

PIPPY LONGSTOCKING - Pippy is a sweet little girl that we rescued back in April of this year. A nice girl that RCAF had been working with for years called us to see if we could help this little kitten that had her eyes basically glued shut with infection. We took little Pippy (she was only 4 weeks old at the time) immediately to our vet. Fortunately, her eyes were just fine after a few weeks on antibiotics and eye drops. After a few weeks in foster care, Pippy's foster mom began to notice that Pippy made a strange sound while breathing. We took her back into the vet and he discovered that poor Pippy had a nasal polyp that had to be removed immediately or it would close her air passage. Our vet successfully performed her polyp surgery that night thank God. Pippy had a nasal polyp that was the size of a lima bean -pretty big for a 3 month old little kitten! Pippy's treatment, spay, vaccines and polyp surgery cost approximately $356.00. RCAF relies on donations from you to help little kitties like Pippy!

JAWS - We call Jaws our great white kitty! He is a 12 pound, FIV positive, approximately 7 year old male kitty that we rescued about 5 years ago from an area where we had been rescuing stray cats from for years. Jaws is one of RCAF's permanent fosters. He is a real sweetheart and really acts like a "dad" cat to his permanent foster siblings. Most FIV positive kitties never get adopted, so they become RCAF's permanent fosters (we were lucky this year to adopt out Nero to a wonderful home, he was the first FIV positive kitty in 12 years to be adopted!) FIV positive kitties can live normal, long healthy lives with yearly exams and proper medical treatment when needed. Jaws has been a pretty healthy guy this whole time. When he went into the vet for his annual check-up this year, our vet discovered that Jaws had become diabetic and was in need of a dental cleaning. While on antibiotics, awaiting his dental surgery, he came down with a virus that caused his temperature to spike to 106 degrees (a cat's normal temperature is 102 degrees)! Fortunately, after a week long stay at our vet's office, Jaws fully recovered! After a little more time on antibiotics, Jaws was able to have his dental cleaning with extractions. He receives 2 insulin injections per day and is in great health. This year, Jaw's medical treatment, medications and dental procedure cost approximately $900. We believe all the rescue kitties deserve the best care and medical treatment possible. Your support helps us continue to help kitties like Jaws live a healthy, happy and normal life!  If it is not for support from all of you who donate, we would not have been able to help Spirit and the other kitties above. We totally rely on support to help kitties like Spirit. As you are all aware, often times, the kitties we find are not "perfect" or "adoptable". Some of the cats that are returned after several years may now have issues that we must take care of. We receive only a very small percentage of our funds from adoptions. The greatest amount comes from private donations from you all and monies received from our fundraising events. We have many cats that have terminal health and/or behavioral issues that are living healthy comfortable lives as permanent fosters. They are the cats that other rescues kill. Please understand that when these cats have to go to the vet, it is not just a routine vet visit. They almost always require blood work and medicine, and may require certain types of testing and medical procedures. Any donation, however small, can literally help save a life! Please continue to help support the RCAF kitties like Spirit!

Your tax deductible donation may be made via www.paypal.com to rcafcats@yahoo.com or pay sending check or money order to RCAF, P.O. Box 94143, Cleveland, OH 44101.  Please consider making a monthly donation to RCAF. 

We still have vet bill balances and unfortunately will accrue more bills for the kitties during the upcoming year. We are fortunate to have two supporters who donate to us monthly via electronic fund transfers. Even a donation of $10 a month makes a huge difference to the cats - it could mean life or death!   Donations can be sent via the mail to RCAF, P.O. Box 94143, Cleveland, OH 44101 or through PayPal by using our rcafcats@yahoo.com address as the payee. Your donation is tax-deductible.  Thank you from the bottom our little kitty hearts!

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